Five Questions

Five questions about becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

I recently got my MCT Certification and I would like to share some details on it, in case someone wants to do the same I hope this can clarify a few things. I have never believed certifications are a 100% guarantee of quality work but having one can provide a certain amount of context of our expertise and some serenity to potential business associates. What is a Microsoft Certified Trainer? According to the official website they are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. To me being an MCT means you have the capacity to teach complex subjects in a simple, understandable way. Like your favorite teacher but certified in Microsoft Technologies . Who might be interested? IT professionals and developers who want to incur in training activities

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About me
About me

Software developer and tech enthusiast who loves baking 👨🏽‍🍳. Currently working at Megsoft Consulting, Inc. and helping out at Streamelopers