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Getting the user signature

This is a common feature requested for many applications in the corporate world or if you are working on some sort of payment processing application or a delivery app. You may need the user signature to confirm they have received a package, an order has been delivered or many other

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Prettying things up with Styles

Using styles you can define a consistent UI for your app and is a great way to make your XAML files more readable and maintainable in the long term. Some neat characteristics of styles: They are very easy to define. Can be inherited to minimize code reuse. Can be defined

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Layout safe areas for iOS in Xamarin Forms

Since the launch of the iPhone X there is a notch at the top of the screen on iOS devices that tend to be annoying to work around. You would have to add some sort of margin to avoid your controls to be overlapped by it. The problem with this

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Image caching in Xamarin Forms

Someone asked me about an issue they were having when showing a ListView that had an image for each cell. When the user would scroll the images would flicker and the UI would turn a bit slow. The images were being loaded from the internet. The problem the person was

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Top 5 APIs in Xamarin Essentials you didn’t know about

If you are familiar with Xamarin Essentials and want to get right into the totally not clickbait list you can click right here. Xamarin Essentials provides developers with cross platform access to a plethora of commonly used features and native APIs. At the moment of writing there are 29 apis

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Creating Pages from Code using Xamarin Forms

To create a screen or page (I will use both terms interchangeably) from the code you just have to follow these four steps: Create a class named as you want your screen to be called, by convention you must end the name with Page. Make that class inherit from the

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Adding an icon to a Button in Xamarin Forms

To achieve this we are going have to set the ContentLayout and Image properties from the Button we want to customize. Let’s just jump right into it. Here is the XAML Here is in C# This is pretty straight forward but I’m going to explain what we are doing. The

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