The CodecampSDQ experience

Enmanuel Toribio hablando sobre Xamarin en codecamsdq 2019
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Last Saturday, June 1st I had the privilege of participating as both staff and speaker for a little-known tech event called CodecampSDQ. It was held in the premises of INTEC University here in Santo Domingo.

This event has been going on for many years and it has become a sort of tradition for INTEC and I cannot imagine it happening anywhere else anymore, the event is almost part of INTEC’s identity at this point. That is a great thing since it is important to keep these kinds of events accessible to the next generations of professionals.

Before I continue, full disclosure: I currently work for Megsoft Consulting, Inc. who are the main organizers of the event so, anything I say or mention in this article should be taken with a big rock of salt.

As a speaker, I didn’t think as many people would come to see me talk as they did, mainly because it was right after a short break, and I even got a bit of overtime answering questions (sorry I took some of your time Lorenzo 🙈). My talk was called “Demystifying myths about Xamarin for the new and the old” will probably write an article but for now here are the slides.

I’ve always loved teaching and mentoring others but recently I’ve also been taking a like to public speaking. This conference was the perfect place to get to expose myself to a relatively familiar public which I think is helping with my confidence, but I still think there is plenty of room for improvement on my behalf.

As a staff and someone who worked from the inside in the overall organization, I can say this entry was the smoothest one in terms of organization. The voluntaries were mostly seasoned players and the newbies had the right attitude and disposition to make things happen no matter what (shoutout to my A/V team 😎). We even got the chance to finally record the talks with actually good audio (only on one track but the recording wasn’t even contemplated at the planning stage so everyone wins).

I’d like to congratulate the efforts of our own Odalis Beltré (Operations Manager at Megsoft, awesome chef) and the diligence of everyone in the team like Joel with everything artsy and Laura in sales and clearing potential participants doubts before the event. I couldn’t ask for better people to be part of a team with <3

To wrap this up I want to mention that CodecamSDQ is just the tip of the iceberg of what the team can achieve, the same people are working on Caribbean Developers Conference with a greater scope, more speakers and a lot more challenges to confront but I know they’ll do great. I am looking forward to it, see you there.

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